Electronic music lover since 2004. He was born in a small town of Bursa in 1987. In 2007 he went to Sofia to study. Until 2011, the lessons he listened to during the day were entering in one ear and coming out of the other, but at night when listening to the leading names of electronic music, music did not come in from one ear and exit from the other.

Although he had no training in music, he discovered that he did not hear music the way everyone hears it and did not see it the way everyone saw it. He believed that putting pieces together was a good listener and proved that it was more than just believing. Believing that music has a philosophy above all. ongunko continues to express himself by bringing together his own favorite melodies from different cultures with Enharmonica series. 

One of his biggest dreams about the music is to prepare his set consisting entirely of his own tracks one day, his track trials continue and you will hear it when it is ready.